The Signs Your Pet Has Fleas

If you have a white-haired or short-haired pet, you probably can tell pretty easily when your pet has fleas. They’ll be small black specks that don’t move around too much. Fleas move when you disturb them or when your pet scratches. You should look for them around the areas that actually have less hair. Around the face and on the underside of the belly are usual places to find fleas. However, if you have a darker haired or long-haired animal, you might need to look for other signs of fleas.


Dogs tend to scratch themselves and cats tend to lick themselves; that much is normal. However, if you notice an inordinate amount of scratching or licking, you know something is wrong. Also, if your dog is licking, it could be a sign that something hurts. They seek to assuage flea bites by licking. So if you see inordinate amounts of cleaning or scratching, that’s a sign of fleas. You should seek out the Gordon Vet’s best flea and tick treatment for dogs as soon as possible. By treating the issue quickly, you can keep it from growing into a bigger problem. You can also prevent the problem from spreading to you or your home.

Fleas Elsewhere

Finding fleas elsewhere is a little bit easier. When you walk around your home, fleas will jump out of the way. The jumping is somewhat noticeable. If you check your dog and don’t see fleas, that means the problem could be environmental. Depending on where you are, it is not uncommon for fleas to go through seasons of propagation. You should still contact Gordon Vet since the fleas will eventually find your pets and infest them. Treating them before an infestation can occur will prevent any multiplication of problems. Once you have that in hand, you can then treat your home to get rid of the fleas.


Fleas and ticks are parasitic animals that tend to spread disease. If they have infected your dog with some kind of disease, even a minor one, it can cause lethargy in your dog. Fatigue is one of the surest signs of an infection. You should inspect your dog for fleas and ticks if you see lethargy that lasts for an entire day. Most flea and tick illnesses are easily treatable and your pet will be fine. However, you just shouldn’t wait to get him or her treated. Speed is essential when getting rid of fleas and ticks.