Flea prevention for dog

Flea prevention for the dog does not require controlling flea on the body of the dog but also the environment because the flea that lives on the body of dog may have hundreds of eggs in the environment. The flea spends the most of the time on the body of dog where the larva and the eggs do not reach on the body of the pet until they can fly.

The eggs of the flea can be found in the indoor and outdoor environment of the house. Especially the places like carpet and rugs are the most common where you can found the eggs of fleas which could be then attacked on the body of the dog. If you noticed a single flea on your pet, it’s mean that there are at least dozens of eggs (or may be larva) are there in your house. So, to prevent or control flea for your pet, you need to remove them from everywhere not just from the body of your dog by washing with the flea prevention shampoo.

To have a better flea prevention control for dogs, we can divide the flea prevention for dog process in the following parts:

• Indoor flea prevention
• Outdoor flea prevention
• Flea prevention for dog

For indoor and outdoor prevention, there are so many different ways available which can kill the flea and related insects within the seconds. You can use the spray for the outdoor flea prevention process if you have the garden or the garage etc. The products are available according to the place where you want to remove the flea in your house. For the indoor process, you need to clean the carpet, rugs and other related things. There are sprays and other flea control products are also available in the market for this purpose.

Flea prevention for dog required extra care because you cannot use the same products like spray on the dog due to the high amount of toxic. A help from the vet can be taken if you are not sure that which product you should use to remove the flea from the body of your dog.

There are a number of things need to be considered when you are buying a flea prevention spray, shampoo or even soap for your dog. These things include the age of your dog, breed, size, medical condition and the surrounding environment. Because there are different products has been made for different size and breed of dog.

You cannot use the same spray, shampoo or the soap for a puppy and a grown dog for the flea prevention purpose because the amount of chemical which kills the flea would be different for both of them. Washing your puppy with a high amount of chemical soap could further damage his skin or lead to other medical problems. Although, every insect found on your pet’s skin is not the flea. It could be any other related insect too.

In the market, today the non-toxic products are available too, which makes it easy for the dog owner to buy a suitable product easily but still taking an advice from the vet could lead you to buy the most effective flea prevention products for your dog.