How to Choose the Right Pet for You

Choosing a pet can sometimes be a difficult decision especially if you never had a pet of your own before. The chance to share your life with an animal is a wonderful act of kindness that you should feel for yourself. Pets can bring joy and happiness to those who will let one in or two. According to an article, before you decide on a pet you need to ask yourself some specific questions because some pets require different types of care. For example, you need to ask yourself how much space do you have in your home and yard? Do you have a second person who could care for your animal in the event you have to travel? And, how much time can you dedicate to a pet? What kind of pet you get, again, depends on your resources, skills, and time to care for that type of pet. Dogs are very social and need lots of attention every day including being put outside to go to the bathroom. On the other hand, cats, although like attention, do not require as much as dogs and use the bathroom inside the house rather than the yard. Other ways to decide on a cat or a dog involve: training, personality, and cleanliness. With training, cats pretty much come trained, show them the litter box and they get the idea. Dogs on the other hand, have to be house trained. If you are looking for low maintenance, get a cat. When it comes to personality, if you are looking for respect and love, get a dog; if you want communication and independence, get a cat. When it comes to cleanliness, cats are cleaner than dogs because they don’t drool like dogs do nor do they smell as bad. Ultimately, it is your decision if you want a cat or a dog. If you want a pet that you can play with and will love you no matter what, get a dog; if you want a pet with independence, get a cat.

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