Cat Care Tips for Beginner Feline Owners

So you’ve decided to own a cat. Before anything else, congratulations! You’re going to be a proud owner of a furry four-legged feline friend soon. Now, before the enthusiasm gets you way in over your head, you should know that taking care of a cat is no easy task, especially if this is going to be your first time owning a lovable feline companion.

Before adopting or purchasing a cat, you may need to prepare some things before you get a feline friend. In this post, we’re going to talk about the basic equipment that your cat needs to make themselves at home with you as their company.

Kitty Litter

If there’s one definite advantage of owning a cat as compared to taking care of a dog, it’s that a feline is naturally inclined to “go” in the same area every time. Therefore, when you find that they’ve pooped or peed in one area, then that’s going to be the place wherein you’ll put the kitty litter box. Now, when searching for a litter box for your feline, it’s not going to be as complicated as what you might initially think. It can be anything from a simple box to an automated poop-handler. Pick the right one that fits your budget and you’ll be good to go. However, if you see some reluctance from your cat when they have to “go” in the litter box, it might be because of the litter. As a result, you may want to test out a few brands to see what your cat prefers.


Although cats can still sleep anywhere they wish, they’d still like a place wherein they can always return to when they feel tired or sleepy. As such, you should also give them a bed that they can call their very own. When you’re shopping for cat beds, you’ll be faced with a broad range of choices. Whatever choice you choose, just make sure it’s soft and warm. It could even be as simple as letting them sleep on a fluffy pillow. However, lots of cats will prefer to sleep on a nest-type bed.

Scratching Post

There’s no doubt about it – cats love to scratch because they NEED to scratch. Hence, because the need is there, they can AND will scratch at anything. It’s one of their instinctive habits, and there’s nothing you can do about it but redirect that need to something that won’t damage your precious furniture. Scratching posts for cats are available, but you need to consider some factors in getting the right one for your feline friend. For instance, it should be tall, and it should be durable enough to handle lots of scratches.

Food and Water Bowls

Of course, you’ll need to give your cat food and water bowls. There are stainless steel variants, and these are a favorite among many existing cat owners and veterinarians because of the fact that these are easy to clean and maintain.

If you want to know more about how to properly take care of a cat, you can always find good online resources. A good place to start is to visit cats are on top.