How to choose an automatic feeder for cats

Choosing automatic cat feeders are according to the pet you have at home. Obviously, a cat feeder will not be the same as one for dogs, since each animal has different eating habits and eating habits in different portions.

In fact, if you have a cat, it is easier to buy directly a feeder for cats to make the attempt to adopt the cat to the feeder, However, when buying, it is always useful to keep in mind the following aspects:

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Serving sizes:

Here once again we have to look at the animal’s eating habits. There are cats that eat small portions several times a day and others that end up with a large bowl of croquettes in one sitting, so you must select accordingly. If your cat is the one who eats all day you could use a feeder that gives you a few quantities several times a day.

Number of feeding times per day:

According to the habits of your cat, the best and most sensible thing is that you select a feeder that allows you to schedule a certain number of food portions that are appropriate to feed your pet on a daily basis.

Kind of food:

Generally, feeders are devices that have been created to dispense dry food, ie processed food for cats. You will make a mess if you put wet food in these dispensers, so, if your pet’s needs go through the consumption of wet food, it is best that you look for a suitable feeder for this type of food.

Size of the food dispenser:

In general, the food of cats is usually smaller than that of dogs, for example, but not all dispensers have the dimensions and dimensions needed to dispense food of a certain size, so before buying you must ensure that the appliance Do not get stuck with the croquettes that you serve your pet.

Durability of the automatic feeder of cats:

Although these devices are quite automated you can not forget that they are machines and that, in addition, they are dealing with a hungry cat so that, if they are of those that have transparent hopper and the food is visible, and your cat is especially shrewd, you should Be clear that you will not stop trying to touch and manipulate the appliance until you have seen all the food disappear. It has happened more times than you can even imagine, so if your cat is one of these the best thing is that you go for a feeder capable of supporting the crazy behavior of your pet.

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