Creative techniques for naming male dogs

Have you been intending to have a male dog? If so, the ideas of naming a male dog are floating about, thus use choose from various options you can create for yourself based your dog’s character or breed. Sooner enough you get your male dog is the right time to name your dog. It is important since you have spare quality time to bond with a new male dogs’ name.

Strategic ways of choosing a Dog

There are a list of thousands of names to choose from but it’s not just a matter of choosing randomly. You have to be creative when it comes to choosing the right name for your male dog.

Name frequency is another essential strategy for naming a male dog because it’s a significant feature of training, especially for a puppy. For most individuals is a small personality trait to offer a new name to a dog. They just abruptly come up with a unique name of their dog

For instance, if you’re your dog if fond of escaping, Houdini may pop up in the mind. Or probably he is closely attached, a name like a magnet can as well a raise.

male dog names

Naming male dog through imaginations

How you imagine things reflect the kind of names gives to your dog. Here are four important features you should consider while choosing a male dog names.

  • Dog’s breed
  • Personality
  • Habits
  • Size

Actually, there some that cannot fit large male dogs’ names, and likewise some don’t suit small dogs either. For instance, naming your fluffy dog as a black Rottweiler probably won’t sound good especially for a big dog but if you got a name your fluffy dog as Maltese, actually it does sound perfect.

Other simple techniques are by naming your dog reflecting on its size, personality and looks.

Another idea you can refer to some human names such as

 Peter, Robby or bob.

Dog names with Syllables

Some dog names comprise one syllable name. It is much easier to call a dog’s name with one syllable from a distance. It will make it even respond immediately compared to when a name of your dog contains numerous syllables. To avoid any possible confusion, also try to use short names while naming your dog.


Once you found a suitable name for your dog, now is the right time you start using it continuously so that he can get used it. Once it gets used to his name, he will responsive. Additionally, names that rhyme with Moe, Tow, and Beau can cause confusion especially when called from a distance. , it can make it sound as if you are saying NO or confronting since you calling with a loud voice so it advisable if avoided.