Peacock: Know All About This Majestic Bird

Couple of Peacocks doing Cartwheels

Did you know that the male peacock is the one with that particular colored tail? The female has more ‘erased’ colors and does not attract much attention. Peacock needs different care and environment than other flyable birds. Look for good food options and accessories not only for peacock but also for other bird pets at We will tell you more about this majestic bird in the following article.

Habitat and behavior of the peacock

Adored and venerated by men from ancient times; due to its polychromatic “fan” in the tail, the peacock is a relative bird of the hen’s native of the south of Asia; specifically from India and Sri Lanka.

It lives in regions up to 2,000 meters high and prefers wet or dry forests; but can adapt to areas close to crops, provided that it has water in large quantities.

It nests on the ground making a hole that covers with leaves and branches. Unlike other birds, the peacock is not monogamous: a male can have a harem of up to six females. It puts at most eight light brown eggs and incubates them for almost a month.

Peacock’s sexual dimorphism

There are several differences that we can observe between males and females. To begin with, the size: the males can measure 115 centimeters from the tail to the beak; or 225 centimeters until the end of the long feathers; and weigh six pounds. Females, on the other hand, do not exceed 95 centimeters and four pounds.

Plumage is also another major difference between the sexes. The male has a very striking blue color on the chest and green reflections on the head; beak gray, white and green feathers; black and green strands with copper and bronze accents.

The feathers of the tail are dark brown. The secondary ones, which can expand completely, have very colorful colors and patterns.

Females are more “shy” and go unnoticed; for their heads are brown, and their faces and bellies are white; although they have a tuft like the males, the feathers are brown with green edges.

The peacock’s courtship

Certainly you wonder about the colorful and striking tail of the male, and why the females do not have it. Unlike humans – where women are the ones who do makeup and wear shrill colors on their clothes – in birds, it is the male specimen that has the “weapons of seduction”, and the peacock is no exception.

When the breeding season begins, the male brings his presents and opens the tail so that the females can observe him at a distance.

And one more fact: from the moment they reach sexual maturity, the males have that colorful and famous tail. Before they become adults, their feathers are similar to those of the female.