Should I Create My Own Chicken Coop or Buy a Readymade One?

Should I Create My Own Chicken Coop or Buy a Readymade One

Creating a chicken coop from scratch feels good. It’s definitely the best opportunity to learn and master the art of crafting chicken houses. To some, it’s also an awesome opportunity to save money and avoid the hassle of having to rely on someone’s ideas. The truth is, however, that unless you know the benefits of opting for a readymade chicken coop, you can’t make an unbiased verdict on which is better. Let’s have a look at the reasons buying already made chicken coops is better than creating one from scratch.

Already Made Coops Are Cheaper

The common notion amongst poultry farmers is that creating a coop from scratch is cheaper. It obviously is for professionals. But for beginners, it’s the riskiest and costliest endeavor ever. That’s true since when we factor in the risks involved and the high potential for costly mistakes, it’s almost impossible to save a penny. Alternatively, readymade chicken coops are ready for use. They don’t require any modifications or adjustments. This means there are minimal risks and costs involved.

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Great Range Of Styles and Designs

It feels awesome knowing that you are learning a skill that could benefit you in the future. But unless you are a professional, creating your own chicken coop isn’t recommended at all. That’s because you haven’t mastered the art and you will only be trying out your luck. Thus, you can’t have the surety of creating quality styles and designs that match your personal preferences. If you choose to buy, you will have all the styles and designs on earth to choose from.


Building a chicken house is a skill and time requiring endeavor. We all agree that it’s a worthy attempt if you have all the time on earth. But if you are a busy person, something I know you are, attempting to create a chicken house on your own will only lead to regrets. Since you don’t have the skills and time, you are likely to leave it halfway hence making great loses.

Avoid Delays and Time Wastage

Once the idea of rearing hens poops up in your mind, implementing it the soonest possible is the healthiest decision ever. While the idea is still fresh in your mind, you will have all the energy and passion to do a clean work. Trying to create the chicken coops yourself will delay you and may end up making you unable to do a clean job. When you order already made coops, you will be good to go as soon as the next day.

If you have stayed with me since the beginning, you can tell which is better between buying and creating chicken coops. Buying is simply the best way to go as it saves you the hassle, unnecessary costs, and drama. There are multiple online stores that specialize in the sale of pet products. For beginners, make sure you identify the best online pet store and save yourself the risk of being conned. is one of the most trustworthy online stores for pet products that will never disappoint you.