Dog Pet Care: Things You Should Not Do

Taking care of a pet dog is a crucial thing to do. Some say it is similar to taking care of a newborn baby— meaning, you also need to be extra mindful and careful.

Taking care of a pet dog also requires time, effort and dedication. If you don’t have the love for these pets, then you may not be effective in taking care for them. There’s also a thing we call “fur parents” because obviously, you are going to be parents of these dogs.

If you want to make the best parenting skills for your ultimate dog, then today is definitely for you. No matter how much we put effort into things we do, as we take care of our pets, there are things that we think is right but is wrong.

Today, we will find out the things we should not do as we take care of our pets. Let’s check this out!

Things You Should Not Do 

When it comes to taking care for your pets, you always wanted to be at your best— to be your best “fur parent” skill. Today, we will help you become the best of your fur parenthood. Here are the things you should not do towards your pets.

1) Don’t label dogs as stubborn and punish them for it

This is obvious for dogs to be stubborn, out of control and hyperactive. However, you should see the bigger picture as to why they have turned that way. Are they just being playful? Alternatively, you gave them something that set them to become hyperactive?

However, labeling them stubborn and unruly dogs are the worst that a parent can do towards its fur babies. If your dogs have bad behaviors, then that means your dogs didn’t have the time to put in the training and exercise. If a dog exhibits unwanted behaviors, that is because they have not been taught what it is that you do want and do not want.

Same as when dogs express behaviors like jumping on people, mouthing you, barking, pulling on the lease; these are expressions of anxiety and frustration.

2) Not supervising play dates

Not having to supervise your dogs during walks or play dates is a real no-no. Your dogs are your companion, which means you also need to be theirs too!

Once your ultimate dog feel that you are always there for them, attentive and supportive, that will also be the same thing they will do for you. It’s building a connection sort of thing.

3) Not taking the dog for regular vet checkups

Your dogs need to be regularly checked and injected. This has been told a couple of times, taking care for your dogs are expensive, as expensive as taking care of a human baby. That is why it is sometimes beneficial for you to take them to vet checkups regularly to check on their conditions often.

The thing is, you should never neglect their annual wellness exams.