How to Choose Best Puppy Food for Labs

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Sure, any dog owner wants to give their pet the best of everything, including the best food. There are so many brands available. Therefore, it’s not easy to determine the best one. There is a variety of factors to consider when choosing the best puppy foods for Labs. In this article, we will give you the most favourite brands for Labs on the market today.

Why You should Choose Specific Foods for Labs

There is a difference between a Chihuahua and your Lab when it comes to nutrient and health requirements because of a lot of difference in their sizes and structure.

The fact is that large breeds can be able to grow faster. They also come with far more growth compared to small breeds.

If you feed your Lab too much calcium in his diet, he may easily suffer from musculoskeletal deformities. Also, his bones may form incorrectly because they grow so rapidly. However, if your dog gets lacking calcium, he may have to face some problems.

Excess calories can make your dog become overweight. In order to combat this, you need to give him the right amount of fats and calories.

There are Differences between Puppy and Adult Dog Foods

Like being said that, small dog breeds peak earlier compared to large ones. Normally, Labs can reach adult size when they are from 12 to 18 months old. Therefore, it’s important to switch your Lab’s food to adult food at this time.

If you feed him the extra vitamins, minerals, and calories, he can reach more growth than expected. Then, your pet easily becomes overweight or obese. Also, this can cause musculoskeletal disorders.

In fact, your puppy can be able to thrive best on puppy foods. On the contrary, adult ones need adult dog foods. That’s why you need to choose the right dog food for him at the life stage.

If you have any wonder, consult your vet. He will let you know the exact time you can switch from puppy to adult foods.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality to Save Money

When choosing the dog food, you must ignore your dog’s health just to save a few bucks. The cheaper dong food normally offers the low-quality ingredients and vice versa. These ingredients can’t make sure your dog grow and live strong and healthy. Sure, anyone heard that “You’re what you eat”. This is true for your dog as well. Investing in high-quality dog food worth the value they offer. With a bit more expensive dog foods, your dog can get a great balanced meal.

Why Feed Your Lab Puppy Kibble

Besides the different brands of puppy foods, some pet owners also want to know if your dog prefers to eat wet food or dry kibble.

Actually, dry food is more balanced with the right amount of essential nutrients in it. If you choose the right brand, it will be easier to get better quality ingredients. In addition, dry dog foods can help to keep your pet’s teeth strong because they are solid food.

Also, you can get benefit from kibble dog foods because you can easily store them. It’s easy to store in a bucket with a lid. Also, you needn’t concern about that it takes up a huge of space. Moreover, these foods can be able to last longer than canned foods.

Best Puppy Foods for Labs

In this part, we will list you the best dog food for Labs as well as large dog breeds. They are favourite dog foods for Labs on the market today. Let’s take a look at reviews below for details:

Wellness Core Dog Food

This food is made with 38% high-quality protein content. Its three first ingredients include turkey meal, chicken meal, and deboned chicken. So, this food offers high-quality chicken protein. It’s made of more than 30% protein compared to standard chicken meat.

The food comes in various ingredients, including vitamin A, B12, C, D, E as well as minerals like iron, calcium, and zinc.

It contains vegetables such as spinach, potatoes, broccoli, and carrots. Even, it comes with some fruits as blueberries and apple.

In addition, this formula can help to prevent your dog from getting infections thanks to rosemary extract and green tea extract.

Natural Grain-Free Puppy Formula

This option is expensive a bit. However, most dog owners are satisfied with this product. Your dog can get all benefits from the food for his optimum growth and development. The main ingredient of this option is grass-fed New Zealand beef.

Also, it contains other ingredients, including kelp, flaxseed, fruits, New Zealand mussel, veggies, and hoki oil. Therefore, it ensures to provide your pet with DHA for a healthy brain as well as his eye development. This food is grain free. It’s recommended strongly for Labs and large breeds.

Taste of the Wild Puppy Formula

This food is rich in protein. Bison is listed as the first ingredient of this formula. This is a high-quality meat food. In addition, there are many different ingredients, including lamb meal, sweet potatoes, fiber, beta carotene, salmon oil. Therefore, this is a good choice for your dog health. You should consider to let your pet thrive on this food.

Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food

This dog food is a great choice for different dog breeds at stages of life. However, there is no one size that can fit all. This food contains a balance of fats, proteins, calcium, and phosphorus. It promises to give your pet the right amount of these ingredients to promote a healthy bone as well as muscle development.

Also, this product contains chondroitin and glucosamine. These ingredients are great for your dog’s health. This is a good consideration for Lab with many joint problems.

It’s great for your pet’s healthy brain because of omega oils. Also, it contains other fatty acids that help to promote healthy coat and skin.


Any puppy requires very specific dietary needs to thrive. As you know Labs are large dog breeds. They actually are more sensitive to nutrients than smaller dogs. So, it’s important to give them the right diets. Luckily, there is a variety of dog food brands for large breeds. These 4 products listed above are the most favourite options on the market now. Consider them if you want to choose the best dog foods for your Labs. So, hopefully, this post will be of some use to you.