Shopping For a Cat Tower? Consider These Things When You Shop

Shopping For a Cat Tower Consider These Things When You Shop

Cats, like any pet, require love, attention and money. Food, vet visits and toiletries are important, but also toys and playgrounds for your feline friend. There are many toys that can entertain them, and when exploring possible toys, be sure to include a tower for cats in your list. Cat towers are versatile buildings that can provide hours of entertainment that delight both. 

When researching these products, there are a few things to consider

First, of course, this is the type of cat that you have. If you find that your cat is climbing on counters, sinks and shelves or hiding in boxes, bags or other small cracks, it is likely that your cat likes it. The cat tower will give your pet an illusion and a feeling that he is climbing walls and hiding from predators without attracting any personal items that he should not play with. If you find that your cat is resting in the sun near the window sill, you might like it too. The cat towers are higher on the ground and, if placed in front of the window, can provide pets with an area for sunbathing, as well as something to play with, if it gives them urgency. Cats with scratching impulses, with both claws and teeth, would also like one, as this would enable them to satisfy their scratching needs.

Cat towers

Secondly, look at the space that you have for such a large piece of furniture as this. The best thing about cat towers is that they come in different shapes and sizes for each house. If you have less space, consider going high and narrow. If you have a lot of space, you can expand a little. Along with the available space, also think about the funds you can spend. Units can vary in price from less than $ 50 to several hundred dollars. You will also want to consider the quality of the materials used. A good place to start is to read reviews about the cat’s towers of a particular company, and also ask cat lovers where they bought them. By asking friends, you can also see what the assembled unit looks like, which will give you a good idea of ​​the quality.


When looking for a cat tower, make sure that it fits well with your installed decorations. Pet furniture is evolving in line with current trends in decorating, so you will most likely find one that does not stick out like a sore thumb in a room that you choose to place.

Investing in a tower for cats is a good idea for both you and your cat, and early consideration of relevant factors can help make the shopping process more enjoyable and less stressful.