Ultimate Photography Tips For Your Fur Baby


Do you just want to take such nice photos of your pet and keep it photographs forever?

Aside from an actual human, pets can be the closest companion we ever have. When we’re sad, their little arms are the ones who gaves us the tightest hug. When we want someone to listen to our nags, they are the ones who listens without even judging us.

That is why they easily fill the places in our hearts, in our families and even in our life. We grow with them together, seen them on our family potraits and we are there to witness as they grow old too. Basically,  pets don’t live long like we do— that’s why we only get to keep them in our hearts and in photographs forever.

In today’s blog have prepared 5 top  Pet Photography tips and techniques to help you get the most of your photo session with your pet. Let’s see what we got here! 

How to Take the Best Photos 

Taking photos of our silly little pets might not be quite easy. Unlike humans, they tend to misinterpret what we are trying to let them do, that’s why taking the best shot might be a little bit a struggle. Today’s Pet Photography tips and techniques should be of help in making sure you not only get the most out from your photography session but also to enjoy it as well.

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  1. Use Natural Light 

As much as possible going for natural light, or window light is the ideal light to use when taking photographs of pets. Take note that they might be sensitive to too much LED lights, so using it might not seem to work well on them.

  1. Keep the Eyes Sharp

They say the eyes speaks a thousand words or “Eyes are the Window to the soul”. It is basically so important to make sure that you focus your pet’s eyes on the portraits. Your pet’s eyes can also be very sharp and expressive, keeping them in focus in your photographs makes it worth while and worth keeping.

  1. Be With Them

Being with them together in the picture provides them comfort. If you are with them they will feel at ease and they won’t go looking for trouble. Basically, the essence of having a photograph with them is also a good way to bond with them and just allow them to have fun with you.

  1. Pack some Patients

Seriously, you will be needing a lot of patience for this photography session. Taking photographs of your pet can be as times ten tougher than taking photos of toddlers or babies. Basically, getting enough patience is the last thing you must be packing with you. However, if you might need some help, Pet Photography Brisbane has the best pet photographers that can help you.

  1. Pay them treats

While you are doing it, it is also best to pay your model treats. A snack or a toy to keep them lively and kicking, don’t bore them by just keeping them on the ground for photoshoot. Make them feel that what you are doing together is fun and a play.