Where to Find Fun Dog Accessories

Having a pet when we were children taught us how to love and be loved in return. A dog is man’s best friend and this could not be far from the truth. It is only your dog that will be happy to see you after a tiring day at the office, who will listen to your problems without any judgment, who will defend you against possible aggressors without fearing for their life. Having a pet dog is indeed one of the best things that could happen to our lives. People who did not like dogs often are surprised at how much they can love a dog once they have one. Just as young children, dogs also depend on their owners to care for them, thus it is also a huge responsibility to have a dog. When you love someone though, there is joy in giving them the best things in life. One of the ways we can show our love and care for our pets is through fun and funky dog accessories like custom dog bandanas. Every big department store sells dog accessories but this are really not of high quality and can easily be destroyed by your super active pet. One of the problems we encounter is finding an excellent dog accessories supplier where we can get cute and fun accessories like collars, harnesses, outfits, toys and a lot more.

The Problem

                Pet grooming products, food and treats and accessories are big business, you just have to observe the number of pet stores or products directed at pet owners. There are so many products to choose from that wading through which will be the best for your pet is a huge problem. Most of us go through this using trial and error, we buy a certain product and see if it lives up to our expectations and if it does, then we are happy and choose the said brand for all our pet needs. If on the other hand it fails to do so, then we go on to the next product with the hope that it will be the best one. This trial and error can be costly, imagine having to buy a bottle of shampoo and not finishing it because it does not give the shine or softness you want, or buying a bag of dog food and having it lay to waste since your dog does not want to eat it, or buying a cute outfit for your dog only to put it on him and have it ripped from seam to seam. The frustration one feels in this situation is very real, and we often ask why we can’t just be able to get that custom dog bandanas that would really look so good with your dog.

The Solution

                There is really no shortcut to finding the best supplier for all your dog needs, but the right amount of research will make the process a bit easier and you will then be able to focus on providing the best for your loving pet. Based on the number of pet stores in your area, without a doubt business is good, but sometimes mass produced products are not of high quality and entirely safe for our pets. To kick off your research you can probably go around the stores in your free time and try to observe the stores like a secret shopper. What are people buying and how do the sales person respond to inquiries and questions, are there people who return items and those other things. By and by you will be able to tell which store offers the best price, range of products and excellent customer service. This is a long process but is still the best one especially if you have the time to do it.

                But what if you do not have the time, and you need to find one product that you really need for your pet? The other research you could do is to find an online shop that specializes in selling pet supplies and accessories. This is one research that you could actually do in the comfort of your home or even during your break time at work. You only need to search pet supplies and a number of online shops will be listed for you to look at. You can visit about five to ten sites and choose which one would be best for you.

What to Look For

                There are a number of things that you should look for when contemplating on buying from an online store. First is of course inspect the products that they sell, most online shops will have the same product listing so be sure that if you are looking for custom dog bandanas, that they really have such products on stock. Sometimes they also post certain items and then when you have decided that you want it then they say it is out of stock. Thus, take the time to go through their product listing even if it will take you a couple of minutes. You can also see how much each item would cost, and the kind of brands they carry. If you are a first time pet owner and not familiar with brands, then this is something that warrants another research, may it be online or asking local dog kennels or clubs what brands they use. Second is make sure that they respond immediately to customers, that they have an excellent customer service representative who will answer all your concerns and needs. The ordering process online should also be simple and straightforward, no need for filling up forms and other information that sometimes we are comfortable giving to other people. Delivery should also be fast, ask if they guarantee that your ordered item will arrive on time and whether they will refund you if it does not. Lastly, you would not want a dog bandana that will look like all the other bandanas out there, it should be unique and fit the personality of your dog, so make sure they offer to customize what you buy from them.