The Simple Guidance in Dog Obedience

Many people search the Internet for all sorts of techniques to improve the behavior of their pets. We can say that dogs follow their basic instincts and adopt certain behaviors based on how we treat them.

In this article we will explain some tricks to make living with your dog better and happier. Read on and discover useful tips on how to train the dog to obedience, so as to limit the trouble he can combine.

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There are many masters who, when they return home, are faced with real disasters: ruined mattresses, rolls of paper and garbage bags in a thousand pieces nothing is saved by a bored dog.

In general we talk about dogs that feel lonely or bored at home. It is precisely then that we must ask ourselves: “Is my dog ​​too long alone?” If the answer is yes, you have probably already figured out what all this depends on. With the right Dog Obedience steps you can ensure your dog’s performance.

To combat loneliness you can use different tools like: toys, intelligence games like Kong, leave less time alone, install Dog TV, etc.

There are serious cases that are the consequence of separation anxiety in dogs. In these circumstances, the best thing to do is to consult a specialist such as a canine ethologist or educator.

How to act? The dog must be scolded only if he gets caught when he is breaking something or if he is making trouble. Just a simple “no”, you should not overdo it.

Once the situation has been resolved (cleaned or grounded), we should devote time to our pet: after all, it is trying to draw our attention.

The dog behaves badly on the street

During the walks there are many masters who find themselves in unpleasant situations such as the aggressiveness of their dog, excessive barking or even pulling the leash too much.

Some of these cases are the result of poor socialization of the puppy, but don’t worry, even adult dogs can be socialized, even if it is a longer and more complicated process.

How to walk with the dog

In most animal sites you will find tricks (very creative) to prevent the dog from pulling the leash, but the truth is that to do it correctly you need to follow the following steps:

  • Don’t force the animal to walk next to you, it’s your leisure time.
  • Let him smell everything he wants: it’s his form of relaxation.
  • Allow him to walk for a while without a leash in a safe place.
  • Let him approach other dogs if his behavior is good.

What to do if the dog tries to attack another dog

In this complicated circumstance, you should follow the following tips to prevent your dog from trying to attack a fellow dog. The longer you leave this situation unresolved, the worse it will be. Remember to never hit your dog if he shows aggression with another animal, he may be bitten by agitation.

How to do if the dog does not listen to the owner

In general, you should not worry too much if your dog is not too much for the owner when he is out of the house. In any case, if the “do not listen” turns into something dangerous for the dog such as running away, safety measures must be taken to prevent it from being hit or lost. To improve this situation you could work with positive reinforcement.