What makes a cow Holy but Not buffalo?

The cow could be a sacred animal in Hinduism. Sacred suggests that revered sincerely. Therefore Hindu individuals respect cows from a protracted time past. It suggests that the animal, the “cow” is treated with deep sincere respect. They don’t eat the meat of the cows as a result of they’re sacred. The explanation is, the cow has agricultural uses and is incredibly light in nature.

The Hindu individuals believe dairy farm merchandise, to until the fields and also the dung is Associate in Nursing energy supply for fuel and chemical. This shows that the “cow” is that the caretaker or the “goddess” within the type of cow additionally represents the planet.

In Celebration: The cow is honored, garlanded and given special feedings at festivals everywhere Asian nation, on the Gopastami pageant, that is devoted to avatar and also the cows. The cow god mother Kamadhenu’s nature represents all the cows. Therefore individuals ne’er dare to speak or to criticize a cow. Mother is revered on the extent of a god in Hindu faith.

But buffaloes don’t seem to be sacred animals, they’re not calm or they lack patience. They’re not sacred then don’t seem to be free. Their milk isn’t healthy enough, and too thick and powerful for babies and adulthood individuals. Buffalos don’t represent any god and ne’er square measure they sacred. That the buffalo is rarely a holy animal. If we have a tendency to compare Bison and Buffalo, bovid additionally not a sacred animal.

In Religion: numerous individuals in Hinduism worship cows. Hinduism standing of “Mother” to the extent of god. Therefore then the cow could be a god. It provides milk that sustains our life. It is sin, a giant sin to kill a cow and to eat cow’s meat (beef).

The Hindu individual’s lookout of the recent and infirm cows in 3,000 establishments referred to as Gaushalas. The remainder square measure typically abandoned at some public places, like bazar and railways. it’s detected that we have a tendency to get milk and clarified butter (classified butter), butter, cheese, ice-cream and curd is created from cow milk. These dairy farm merchandise square measure smart for health and square measure terribly delicious. that’s why cows square measure holy.

Religion and Myth: The Lord avatar accustomed keep cows, up to now you recognize. He accustomed sit on the fields, contend his flute and sorted the cows. However it had been ne’er detected that he accustomed take care of the buffalo. in step with the sacred text scriptures, there square measure verses, to require care and to guard the cow. To kill a cow could be a sin. There square measure many nations wherever slaughtering a cow is unlawful. They’ll walk freely in metropolis and within the busy streets of Old Delhi.

Milk and dairy farm products: The Hindu individual’s square measure eater however not vegetarian. Contemporary organic, yoghurt, ghee, cheese all square measure extremely nutritive and extremely vital for all folks. the provision of nice foods and different advantages fuel and energy, it’s a blessing to the local people even served as a substitute for a vehicle.

Social Uses and others: Vehicle, fuel so some homes within the rural areas of Asian nation plaster their homes with trash. Their house walls square measure insulated from extreme hot and cold temperatures. The trash is employed because the best organic fertilizers in fields or farms. religious “yagnas” square measure ceremonies in Asian nation, that uses fireplace and also the fireplace is started by exploitation trash, analysis of the scientists say that the fireplace causes the air to purify and anti-radiation and anti-pollution is thanks to this ritual of burning trash.

Panchamrit: it’s believed that some mental and physical conditions can’t be well solely with medication or Ayurvedic medication. Therefore there’s a spiritual ritual and at the top of this ritual a sweet “Panchamrit” is given because the divine blessing from the gods. This panchamrit is formed from 5 things, milk, ghee, yoghurt, sugar and honey. The holy cow giving its bounty. This prasadam once more heals the patient.