How to select the Right Wicker Pet Bed

A suitable dog bed should offer comfort for your pet, but not just a common sleeping area as other pet owners think. Most pet owners widely know a wicker dog bed as the most comfortable, sturdy and very light. Their materials are renewable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Here are some of the materials you need to consider:

Synthetic material like resin or plastic

Also, there are synthetic wicker dog beds made of resin or plastic material. Wicker dog beds are usually designed with round or oval baskets. Additionally, they are also typically chew-resistant, with no sharp edges that can harm a pet. Most of these beds come with soft mattress, blanket, cushions and mattress to keep your dog warm.

Washable fabrics material

You can as well consider wicker bed made of easy to wash fabric. Also, other advanced dog beds come with heating and cooling option to offer a calm environment for your pet during the winter season. Some dog beds also have heated or frozen gel pads that ideally placed inside the cushions of the wicker pet bed.

The primary purpose of this gel is to upkeep the warm temperature on the dog bed. Heated dog beds are particularly beneficial for pets that suffer from joint sickness. Another impressing factor about wicker bed dog is that they are washable. They also allow dirt, hair and debris to come out easily while washing.

Various popular online stores offer a wide range of wicker pet dogs you can choose from. They are manufacture with different sizes and shapes. However, it would be best if you considered the following essential factors before you purchase any of them:

 Dog Breed

Every dog breeds show different habits and preferences. Some dog breeds prefer a cozy bed, while others require wide space, especially for sleeping. So, it would be best if you chose a wicker bed based on your pet preferences.

Size and Age

Also, before you buy any dog bed, try to consider the size and measurements. The bed should be wide enough to fit your dog appropriately. It is should also enable your pet to get out and in easily.

Dog’s age is also a primary factor that shouldn’t be ignored. If your puppy has a large body like a grown dog, you will have to choose the size of a large dog. Otherwise, you will have no other choice but to buy another dog bed in days to come.

Portable and lightweight bed

If you are that particular individual who loves travelling a lot, you will have to look for a portable and lightweight dog bed. And wicker dog bed is a particular one you should choose. Your dog will have enough and comfortable sleeping space, even in a remote area.