Is BARF Diet Good For Dogs?

You might have probably heard of BARFandbones diet, but might be confused if you should feed your furry baby a raw diet?  Well, don’t worry!This was the way dogs used to feed on before became pets. BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, which aims at maximising your pet’s health, lifespan and reduces the health concerns. The supporters of raw diets for dogs indicate that it brings in healthier skin, teeth, smaller stools, and more energy.

Here are a few tips from the raw feeders Australia that states how a raw diet can improve the dog’s health –

Gets Rid of Allergies – Feeding your dog with a raw diet can keep dermatitis and other allergies at bay. Also, Dogs that devour on a raw food diet are likely to have healthier skin and a shinier coat. Actually, hair loss, dry skin, ear problems, itchy skin, and hot spots can be excluded with a raw diet.

Improves the Dental Health – Dogs that consume raw food usually has cleaner teeth and less inflamed gums. This keeps the overall dental health of the dog in a better way. Minimal tartar in the dog’s mouth requires fewer professional cleanings, which saves a lot on the owner’s wallet.

Maintains Healthy Weight – Raw pet food can help even the overweight dogs to slim down without losing the muscle form. Ultimately, it helps maintain a healthy weight in the dog and keeps it free from diabetes.

Prevents Digestive Problems – Switching your dog to a raw diet can help solve many gut problems. Yes, raw pet food for gut health is important in dogs and gives out less smelly stools.  Dogs that suffer from vomiting, diarrhoea, malabsorption, and constipation can be avoided by eating a balanced diet.

Enhances the Behaviour – Following a raw diet in dog can help combat anxiety, stress, and other behavioural issues in dogs.

Boosts Energy Levels – As dogs start eating a raw diet, your furry baby will begin to feel better. You will notice that your dog has more energy, more playful, and livelier than it was earlier.

Maintaining a healthy gut in dog is the most significantbenefit that helps build up the immune system as well. A diet that drops behind in nutrition could lead to all sorts of health problems in your dog.

What Does The BARF Diet For Dogs Include?

When feeding your pet dog with the raw diet, it must include the right proportions of nutrients. A typical raw diet must consist of –

  • 70% of raw muscle meat
  • 10% of uncooked safe to eat bones
  • 5% of liver
  • 5% of other organs
  • 10% of Fruits and vegetables

Feeding your dog on a BARF diet or Franken prey diet is easy as getting a food delivery at your home.  The meals are gluten-free and high in protein, exclusively created to provide balanced nutrition for your pet canine.