Tips to Handle Dog Walking During Bad Weather

Exercise and outdoor activities are as essential for our pets as it is for us. Having their pooch or tom as their walk partner is one of the most enjoyable things for pet owners. With pets by our side, outdoor activities and exercise become so more fun and less tiresome. However, when it’s raining outside, or the temperature has soared high or dropped down, we prefer skipping the walk.

While some pets can do without an evening stroll, some pets can’t forego their routine walk. Vets from Virginia Beach veterinary hospital also suggest not skipping walks as it can negatively affect the pet’s health.

If you are wondering how to continue walking your pet in undesirable weather conditions while keeping them safe, here are some tips.

Tip 1: Be Consistent

Daily walks not only helpa pet stay healthy and fit, but it also keeps them mentally active. Having a consistent walking schedule also helps in avoiding accidents and stress in pets. When the weather outside is not favorable for usual walks, consider shortening the walk instead of skipping it altogether.

Tip 2: Plan the walking route 

When the temperature outside has gone beyond what you or your pet can tolerate, it’s best to plan the route. Besides making the walk short, you can also alter the way you usually take. During the summer or rainy season, consider walking your pet on the streets, covered with trees for shade. While, during winter or colder months, take the trail where the sunlight falls in abundance. However, always keep the veterinarian’s phone number, a veterinarian in Virginia Beach, VA, in speed dial in case of any emergency during the walk.

Tip 3: Choose appropriate Gears

Preparing yourself and your pet for the bad weather is another way to make your walk safe and enjoyable. You can invest in a good quality raincoat, boots, and sweater for your pet. However, make sure your pets are comfortable wearing them. If your pet doesn’t like wearing protective gear, keep dry towels with you while walking your pet during rain. Keeping them dry will help them retain their body heat and prevent cold and fever.

When taking your pet for a walk during summer, you can consider applying pet-friendly sunscreen on their body. Keep a water bottle for your pet to keep them hydrated. You can also carry snacks or treats to keep them enthusiastic throughout the walk.

Tip 4: Take help from a professional dog walker 

If you feel under the weather or can’t walk your pet for any reason, it’s best to rely on professional dog walkers. Experienced pet walkers are trained in handling pets during any weather and know how to prepare pets for the walk. Having professional help will ensure your pet doesn’t miss their outdoor activity and stay safe.

Tip 5: Be considerate of your pet

Having a pet is a responsibility and commitment. One should always respect their pets and be considerate of their needs. Animals are intuitive beings with heightened senses. If your pet is not comfortable stepping outside, don’t force them. They may be stressed or ill due to the bad weather. If your pet is not acting itself, look for signs of overheating or cold. Instead of outdoor walks, you can entertain your pets with indoor activities and games also.