How You Can Keep Your Horse Dry In The Rain?

If you are a new horse owner, you might not know whether to keep your horse out in the rain. It is a good idea not to keep your horse out under the shower as that can cause severe problems to your beloved animal. However, some horses are quite comfortable to stay outside while it is pouring rather than staying in the stall, so you will need to check out on that. In cases of a storm, you should keep your horse under a safe shelter.

Keeping your horse safe in the rainy season

Rainy seasons can give rise to many health problems for your horse like rain rot, hoof infection, etc. Thus, it is essential to take proper care of them during this time of the year. The steps to keep your horse dry during the rains are as follows:-

  • The horse’s body temperature can become extremely low when exposed to the cold rain for an extended period. In such cases, you would first need to dry your horse with a rug like the turnout rugs and then keep him safe under a shelter.
  • You would need to build a proper shelter for your horse to be safe, especially when the weather conditions are not well. You can build various types of shelters depending on your preferences and the weather conditions in your area.

The different types of shelter

Here are a few different types of shelters that you can build for your horse to keep them warm and safe during the rainy seasons.

  • Wooden Shelter: If you have abundant woods available, you can opt for a shelter made of it. Though not the best choice, it can prove to be a decent stay for your four-legged friend. However, if you stay in a windy place, a wooden shelter might be a problem as flying debris, falling limbs, etc., can cause injury to your horse.
  • The three-sided shelter: The three-sided shelters are very cost-effective, and they can easily be installed anywhere without any hassles. They might not be as perfect a shelter as the fully-enclosed ones, but it is capable of keeping your horse safe from the effects of wind, rain, etc.
  • Fully-enclosed shelter- this is the safest shelter option to keep your horse. It would give full security to the horse, and they will stay there comfortably with a proper ventilation system. It is the best shelter option for your horse all-round the year.

You can think about alternative shelter options for those horses who do not like staying in a shelter, no matter weather conditions. With a proper shelter, you will be able to keep your horse perfectly dry even during the rainy season.