How to save your dog from boredom when you are not around?

Dog day care

Don’t know how to take care of the dog when you have a very busy schedule? Don’t worry, the best solution is to leave your dog in a dog day camp where they feel at home. It provides a service to the community by taking care of the dogs for a day until their owners return. There are 3 types of daycare and one must choose the best for the dog according to its needs and size and they are:

  • Dog park style: It is the best option for the dogs that seek socializing and lots of play as there is enough space for your dog to run, play, crawl and enjoy with the other dogs
  • Separated play area:This suit well for dogs that are shy to mingle with the other dogs. As they have only limited space, they take care of dogs as groups that are separated according to their energy and size.
  • Home-style: This is almost like one on one that is the dog and the sitter alone or sometimes your dog, the sitter, the sitter’s dog, and maybe 2 dogs also because of limited space. You can rely on them as they do not have any time specifications like the other two types.

Dog day care

The major advantage of leaving your dog in this place is that the dog need not wait for you the whole day rather they can escape themselves from boredom by socializing more with the other dogs. Second, you need not worry about the dog and their routine until you return because caretakers follow a correct routine where they feed, take them for a walk for the dogs to ease themselves, allow them to play enough, and give them enough water. Sometimes out of boredom the dog will try to escape or spoil and break things in your home, but this doesn’t happen when they are in the center because the dogs’ safety is always their priority.

Before choosing a dog day camp always look if they hold a license to run the business. See to that the camp is spacious, properly ventilated, and tidy for your pet and also if there are enough professional staffs to take care of the dog-like, look how many dogs they assign for a single person so that your dog can get the attention it seeks. Properly vaccine your dog as a disease from one dog may spread to yours if you do not vaccinate them. They should fence the place properlyto maintain the safety of the dogs and do not forget that they segregate your dog into the right group. The important thing is to ensure if you are dogs get enough quantity and quality food.