Can Guinea Pigs eat celery?

Can Guinea Pigs eat celery

Guinea pigs are often reared as a domestic animal that serves importance to livestock, wherein, their meat is still consumed in certain parts of the world. Whereas, the influence brought down by the traders of Europe and North America led to the custom of keeping guinea pigs as pets in respective households. As the world of pets gains rising concern in the 21st century, pet owners have also grown more cautious towards the health of pets and their upbringing, namely, talking of guinea pigs herein. Check out weather hamsters can eat raisin and mango or not.

Can guinea pigs eat celery in their diet?

An alarming notice had abounded among guinea pig owners who are concerned of celery in their pet’s diet. There’s not much panic to be undertaken by the owners as celery does little to negligible harm if fed with appropriate and measured quantities. However, there are certain limitations as to which guinea pigs can sustain the celery in their diet. We humans are often okay with eating from restaurants or, having richly cooked food from shops once or twice a week, keeping in mind the threat such meals impose on us. But we tend to cope up with our body’s mechanism and wake up in the morning as healthy as a horse. Similarly, limiting the intake of celery for guinea pigs doesn’t do much harm to them. Although, for the toxins present in celery, it raptures the urinary tract of guinea pigs if fed excessively in their diet. Hence, guinea pigs can indeed eat celery, keeping in mind the quantities it must be fed with so that their body’s mechanism doesn’t get harmed.

guinea pig may eat celery

What does celery contain?

Celery (Apiumgraveolens) is a fibrous plantae with tapering leaves that belongs to the Aplaceae family. It contains Vitamin C with a stringy texture that might be hazardous for your little pet (guinea pigs) as the texture of the plant is deemed choking while being swallowed by the guinea pig. Although, it can be sometimes added to their diet as an occasional food snack. Celery is basically a plant with long stalks. Hence, if it’s getting added to the salad meal of the piggy, its stalk should be cut down in little pieces and added to the bowl’s mixture. There’s a good deal of oxalic acid present in celery that ingests poison in guinea pigs leading them to feel uneasy and ill, rather than the happy and frank piggy it usually is.

How does celery affect a guinea pig?

A guinea pig is a peace loving animal that likes crouching under shades, playing squeakily at the floors and lawns, resting whenever the need to take a nap arises. They are inclusive animals and can alter their behavior from playful to gloomy when they’re generally anxious or afraid. Celery, being a fibrous veggie leads to tightening in the narrow food pipe of guinea pigs that may hazardously prove fatal for them, as they gradually choke on the long stick of celery. Besides, the high enrichment of oxalic acids (And, calcium in negligible quantities) in celery, if taken in excess, may lead to infections in their urinary tract resulting in the formation of bladder stones. ​Besides, the excess intake of celery in their diets may also lead to diarrhoea.

In what quantities can a guinea pig eat celery?

Celery may prove to be toxic for guinea pigs if they eat the plant in bigger amounts. Your cavy will be perfectly fine having celery in its diet. But there are certain limitations to it, now that one knows about the demerits of the veggie stalks. A guinea pig may eat celery twice to thrice times a week. It ought to be sliced down in little pieces and mixed with the regular salad that its given to eat. A guinea pig must be given celery approximately at a measurement of almost one-sixth part of an entire celery stalk and cut down in little pieces to make munching on their snack easier.


A guinea pig can eat celery in lesser amounts as it doesn’t do much harm to them. It is an ocassional snack for the little buddy that must be chopped to little pieces to get them properly chewed and digested so that it doesn’t harm the digestive enzymes and the urinary tracts of rapid coping mechanism. However, it is consulted to go and get a check upfrom a vet doctor to denote the digestive and adjustable levels of the little pet. In other words, a guinea pig can eat celery according to its own body’s metabolic clocking.

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