The Importance Of Dog Grooming


Dog grooming refers to the process of cutting and trimming the overgrown fur of the dog. Regular dog grooming is necessary to maintain the health of the dog and also to protect it from unwanted diseases. Typically grooming of a dog begins around the age of 10-12 weeks. It is the best time to introduce the dog to its professional groomers after the second injection of the dog is obtained.  Dog grooming Orlando FL are experts in professional grooming which prioritizes the well being of the dogs. Professional dog grooming must begin from an early age so that the dog grows comfortable with its groomer. As age increases, it requires a little more patience and well handling before the grooming begins

 Process of dog grooming by professional groomers 

The entire process of dog grooming can take up from 2 hours to 4 hours depending upon the services required

  • After the services required are discussed, firstly the fur of the dog is brushed thoroughly, the ears are cleaned to prevent potential infection and the teeth are brushed
  • Next, the dog is placed in a tub and is allowed to get soaked in a soapy solution so that the entire body gets cleaned thoroughly. One can choose from regular cleaning shampoo to a special kind such as oatmeal,  aloe vera etc that gives a special shine to the fur
  • After a good cleaning, the dog is moved to drying. The fur is thoroughly dried using handheld dryers. Using such dryers removes every bit of dead hair or undercoat left in the dog’s body while bathing. Additionally, it also helps in fulfilling up curly-coated coats and straightening longer coats.
  • Lastly, the final step of the dog grooming process includes nail trimming, additional trimming of fur, nail painting or sometimes colouring of the dog fur as well. The last trimming gives a distinct look for the dog.

Why is dog grooming necessary? 

  • Grooming decrease the risk of health issues in dogs
  • It helps in maintaining the overall cleanliness of the dog
  • Grooming helps in monitoring for scratches, hot spots, swelling etc.
  • Additionally, everyday grooming helps in lowering the risk of parasite infestations.
  • A dog that is not well-groomed might be subjected to skin irritation and bacterial attacks on its fur

Dog grooming Orlando FL promises expertise in keeping a dog well-groomed. Professional grooming keeps a dog healthy and happy and promises its disease-free long life.