Are Dobermans The Best For Guard Dogs?


Doberman is a medium-large breed dog. It is a domestic dog and very loyal in the family. This breed of dog has a long muzzle and stands on its pads. Dobermanns are usually heavy-footed, which makes them strong and look overprotective when they barked.

Dobermans’ temperaments are:

  • Alert
  • Confident
  • Energetic
  • Fearless
  • Intelligent
  • Loyal
  • Obedient

These characteristics of this breed make them more ideal as guard dogs.

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  • Multi-purpose dog
  • Great family protector
  • Yard protection
  • Protection and bodyguard
  • Serious protector

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How good is Doberman as a guard dog?

If you have a spacious land area that you are trying to protect, a Doberman is an ideal dog for you. It is incredibly fast and can reach an intruder in just a short amount of time. Dobermans are known as the fifth smartest dogs all around the world. Aside from being alert and fearless, they are also loyal dogs.


How protective are they?

Doberman guard dogs are well-tempered, they are much reliable, calm, and stable, and especially for protection. These dogs are fierce, which makes them experience personality changes, caring, and sensitivity. As long as the family is a part of their pack, they are so friendly and loving dogs.

Why are they ideal guard dogs?

Dobermans are chosen as guard dogs because they have the quality that the other dog breeds don’t have, such as:

  • Very intelligent
  • Learns easily
  • Responds quickly
  • Fun companion

Aside from loving and friendly dogs, they are very strong dogs, which make them unmanageable, pushy, and destructive if not raised properly. They are very obedient in training that makes them easy to get trained and become ideal guard dogs. Aside from that, they love the family where they are accepted as a pack.

Dobermans can easily be disciplined. They are easy to respond to, especially in a firm “no”. These breeds don’t respond well when used to physical punishments. So, you should be aware that they are intelligent, which means they must not be hit physically just to let them do the training, they are naturally obedient.