Marlin Sportfishing Guide

spots for Marlin Sportfishing

Starting out as a sportfishing angler requires that you start small, launching into deeper waters gradually as you gain experience. Of all the monster fishes in the oceans, Marlins stand out. Anglers find fishing for a marlin as you very exciting challenge. They are fast and athletic, ranked the world’s second fastest fish at 50mph. Marlins can be huge as well, making them worth all the time, effort, and resources. This is one sportfishing fish that will give you a run for your money.

Whether it’s the Blue or Black Marlin, you’re quickly treated to an acrobatic display of once hooked. They leap, dance, and skip in the air, giving you a pretty good fight. Some anglers tend to lose this battle due to inferior hook, line or even a lack of experience. If you’re a Marlin Fisher, you certainly have attained a legendary status among the world’s best anglers. Perhaps, you have your gaze set on beating the 1970 Oahu Hawaii record of the biggest Marlin in history. For newbies, there’s still a long way to go, starting with this guide.

Understanding Marlins…

Marlins are largely migratory in nature and their migration is often dependent on temperature. They like to settle in warmer waters. As a member of the Billfish family, Marlins are highly predatory, and their spear-like bill provides an edge over their preys. Marlins are available in four different varieties of Blue, Black, Striped and White. Nonetheless, they are very similar in characteristics and behavior and it’s often very easy to mistake them.

Where and When to find Marlins

Marlins predominantly live in tropical and subtropical waters of the world. The best places to find Blue Marlin are.

Hawaii. Take a charter and explore the deep open oceans of Hawaii. The warm Pacific waters in and around Hawaii are where most the biggest Blue Marlins have been caught till date. In fact, over 60 fish weighing more than 1000 lbs. have been caught in Hawaii’s waters. Fishing charters in Kauai is a popular destination for Marlin sportfishing. July to September is the best time of the month for Marlin sportfishing here.

Mexico. Blue and White Marlin are a common sight in Cancun and Cozumel. The Gulf stream provides an array of warm waters that host a variety of Marlins. And although the Blue Marlin here is not as big as those you’d find in Hawaii and other parts of the central Pacific region; you should spot a couple reaching the 500 lbs. mark. Other areas like Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and the Revillagigedos Islands are also notable spots for Marlin Sportfishing the world over. The peak period is between March and July.

Australia. Australia’s East Coast is today a hub for marlin fishing. It is on record that a Sydney-based doctor was the first to ever catch a Black Marlin on rod and reel. That was more than 100 years ago (in 1913). Today, Blue and Black Marlin are a target for fishing charters on the Gold Coast, Cairns and Port Stephens. In fact, Eastern Australia is the world’s most popular fishing destination for Black Marlin, especially because its Great Barrier Reef remains the Black’s only known breeding ground. For best results, visit the area from September through December.

U.S. East Coast. Florida presents very rewarding Marlin fishing adventures for anglers. Between April and July each year, there’s an excellent Marlin bite which comes in from the Gulf of Mexico through Miami and Key West. The continental shelf along the offshore of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia is also famous for White Marlin. Just 22 miles to the south of Ocean city in Maryland lies a bottom structure regarded as a jackpot for White Marlins. Many still remember that 29th day of July in 1939 when 179 whites were caught within just 24 hours.

Marlin Sportfishing

Other notable spots for Marlin Sportfishing

  • Central America: Reef areas along Panama’s Pacific Coast, the warm Pacific waters of Costa Rica are two of the best known Central American destinations for Marlin Sportfishing.
  • New Zealand: The beautiful oceans of New Zealand are a hotspot for Striped Marlin, with some landings of the Blue Marlin. The most popular Marlin spots here are Cape Runaway, Bay of Islands and Waihau Bay.
  • West Coast of Africa: Marlin is a dominant feature along the entire strip of coastline from the equator to West Africa. Cape Verde is a recently discovered hotspot for serious Marlin action in Africa.

Mauritius, Southern California, the Caribbean Islands, the Dominican Republic, the Canary Islands and several parts of Puerto Rico, Madeira in Portugal, etc are other popular destinations for Marlin Sportfishing.

Simple Tips for Marlin Sportfishing

  • Use artificial lures because of the aggressiveness of Marlin fish.
  • Only use live bait if you’re covering a small area.
  • Use only quality tackles to withstand the pull and fight the Marlin will present.