Excellent Nutrition for Both Cats and Dogs

Excellent Nutrition for Both Cats and Dogs

The truth about animal nutrition is not exact! As a practicing holistic, you have seen that many animals do well and prepare foods very similar to the human diet. You have also seen animals do well on a raw food diet, a vegetarian diet, and finally, commercially available products advertised as the best.

Many animals are sensitive; they go straight to the vet with vomiting and diarrhea.

For these pets, there are strict domestic, raw, or commercially available diets to choose from that can help maintain the health of dogs and cats with special dietary needs. The reality is that most animals tolerate and eat clean, fresh human food well, according to nutricionista animal. It’s so easy to serve up some food and open a can of the nasty old stuff while our pets jump around the bowl and howl with joy!

Pet foods come in various qualities, from grotesque to gourmet, each claiming to be the best or particular in its way. The secret to understanding our pets’ food tolerance and nutrition lies in understanding their gastrointestinal bacterial flora and the origin of their organism.

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There is a delicate balance of the bacterial gastrointestinal flora that aids in the digestion of food. What makes these bacteria interesting is that they are not created in the same way as our pets. Part of our pet’s bacterial flora is so resistant that it can help it digest anything and survive, get more advice from nutricionista veterinario.

They are pets that can eat all the food and be fine the next day. For other pets, a single dessert can cause rapid fermentation, lower the gastrointestinal tract’s pH, kill beneficial bacteria that aid digestion, and stimulate the growth of harmful bacteria that cause vomiting and sometimes diarrhea with blood.

Most of the time, these animals go from a regular and boring diet to an exciting and exotic one, all in one day. Too much too fast! More importantly, these animals, their intestinal flora, are not used to rapid changes in diet, and they get sick easily.

Most normal dogs fed a varied diet throughout the year have gut bacteria that adapt to harmful effects. The challenge is that most dogs and cats eat a simple, bland diet year-round, and everyone at the table wants to experiment with giving their pets treats on the same day, while the result is often gastrointestinal upset.


Get helpful information on real pet food. If you have the time, patience, and lifestyle to cook and feed your real pet food, then go for it.