The Importance of Starting Puppy Training Right Away

Puppy Training

Bringing a new dog home is both exciting and stressful. Dog training ensures that your puppy has a comfortable, secure, and most importantly, happy life. A well-trained puppy will be able to accompany you in a variety of situations and activities. They also have the self-assurance and social skills to engage safely with other people and dogs.

Every puppy owner fantasizes about having a well-behaved puppy, but the reality is that it requires puppy training, continuous practice, and patience to raise a puppy to be that way! Early on, many puppy owners grow disheartened, and some never enroll their puppy in expert puppy training. Here are the reasons why you should enroll your puppy at dog trainers San Francisco.

Increases Trust and Communication


Puppy training helps you and your dog build a line of communication by giving you the tools to ask your puppy to execute the desired action and teach your puppy how to reply correctly. Including puppy training in your dog’s everyday routine provides you with a bonding opportunity unlike any other. During puppy training sessions, your puppy learns to respect and trust you as their leader.

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Teach Life Skills to Your Puppy


Potty training is an important life lesson, but it’s not the sole benefit of puppy training. Crate training also helps to speed up the toilet training process by teaching your puppy to feel secure when left alone. Puppy training gives your puppy structure in the form of daily schedules and boundaries, allowing them to learn their position in your life and what is expected of them.

Helps with Stress Reduction


Puppy training can help your dog cope with a variety of situations, including moving to a new place and meeting new people and pets. Puppy training is exposing a puppy to various locations and activities. Once their puppies have had all of their vaccines, our trainers strongly advise puppy owners to expose their puppies as much as possible. In these settings, a well-trained puppy feels secure and at ease socializing with new people and dogs.

If you’re an active traveler seeking a dog to accompany you on your adventures, enjoy hiking or paddle surfing, or want to be the focus of your continual photography, your puppy can complement your lifestyle! It may appear that teaching your puppy to sit and stay is an easy endeavor, but try applying those skills to sitting calmly on a paddleboard as you sail down the beach!