How To Clean And Prepare The Aquarium Gravel For A New Aquarium?

How To Clean And Prepare The Aquarium Gravel For A New Aquarium

There is a misconception that gravel in the aquarium is solely for aesthetic purposes. However, it is not so. There are several other strong reasons to bung the gravel into the aquarium. First off, it acts as a favorable habitat for the fish. Not only do the creatures feel comfortable here but also face lesser stress, and thus, enjoy a longer and healthier life. Furthermore, aquarium gravel becomes a good breeding ground for helpful bacteria that assist in removing the waste generated in the aquarium. In the absence of gravel, you will need to change the water too often, which will soon make you weary of rearing those cute fish. Therefore, it also facilitates biological filtration processes in the aquarium.

How to wash and clean the gravel in your aquarium?

You may follow the below-stated steps to clean the fish tank gravel and give a treat to your fin friends! Let’s dig in pronto!

  • Fill half a bucket with mucky aquarium water, and then fill the balance of the pail with fresh tap water. Now, blend new and old water such that the fish are not injured in the process by swapping the water ambiance too abruptly.
  • Put the fish in the pail.
  • You must now unplug all the electrical fish tank equipment.

aquarium gravel

  • Drain the aquarium entirely.
  • Scoop out two full cups of dirty gravel and keep it aside. As cleaning the dirty gravel of your fish tank with chlorinated water will kill the majority of the helpful bacteria, it is crucial to hold some gravel with bacteria to restore their population in the tank afterward.
  • Now remove the remaining gravel and place it in two different buckets.
  • Now flush one of the buckets at full blast with a garden hose. Stir it vigorously and rub the aquarium gravel until a point when you can see clear water in the bucket. Do the same with another gravel bucket.
  • Rinse and clean the aquarium with warm water. Avoid using soap or detergent. Scour clean the tubes and thermostat and wipe the interiors of the tank with a paper towel.
  • Now, return all the gravel into the fish tank, mix the dirty, and clean gravel properly.
  • Refill the aquarium with clean and cold tap water. Ensure to put in a de-chlorinating element to the tank water.

All your gravel is cleaning is over and now let your colorful fish have fun in the space!